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Μάριος Νόττας

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MN is a scholar /education activist in Journalism and Technology. He studied Sociology, Economics and Communication Science (Broadcasting) at Boston University. As part of his affiliation to Athena Research Center  (Communication Science Lab 2003-2009) and Austrian public university DUK, he heads the interdisciplinary Graduate Program “Quality Journalism and New Technologies”, Master of Arts. The Program is offered by the European Communication Institute, (www.eci.edu.gr) which is a synergy of public European research and higher education institutions, incorporating the above, the Communication / Mass Media Research Lab of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Botsis Foundation for Journalism Excellence.  

MN serves ECI as exec.member of the board. ECI  is situated in Athens and Vienna, offers Graduate Communication Studies to citizens and communication professionals, and takes initiatives to promote citizen – level European Integration, via Technology and Quality Journalism. MN is part of a number of think tanks on issues of Journalism, Privacy and Citizen Rights. He holds a critical stand against the “unconditional social media culture”, while, in his capacity as board member to EKPOIZO (Hellenic Consumer Union) and  a Journalist, focuses on current issues and initiatives which upgrade Citizen’s role in matters of decision taking, media literacy, and digital rights.