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‘Science Journalism’, by Vassiliki Michopoulou

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New Edition by the (new) teacher of the Institute

The way in which Science and Technology is promoted by the press shapes the image that citizens have of this field of knowledge, but also the attitude that determines their subsequent decisions about their lives. With journalists making a decisive contribution to this, science communication is considered, at this point in time, more than necessary.

ECI lecturer and journalist Dr. Vassiliki Michopoulou attempts to meet this need with her 456-page 2022 book ‘Journalism of Science: a Practical Guide for Journalists’ (in Greek: ‘Δημοσιογραφία της Επιστήμης: ένας Πρακτικός Οδηγός για Δημοσιογράφους’)‘, by Parisianou Publications.

The book opens a new chapter in the didactics of Journalism of Science, constituting a complete guide on issues of scientific interest, in order for active journalists, as well as students / graduates of Journalism Schools, to acquire comprehensive and documented knowledge about this cognitive and teaching subject. It presents the basic principles of Journalism of Science, describes the way modern scientific research is carried out, develops typologies of contemporary reportage on Science, touches on cases of particular scientific and journalistic interest and informs about scientific issues of utmost seriousness.

It also opens the files of specific subject areas, such as Pseudo-science, Narrative Journalism of Science, Research Journalism of Science and Media Advocacy (all cutting-edge topics for ECI’s Postgraduate Programs).

Finally, it examines the modern science and media interface from the perspective of communicators, focusing on their interactions with the scientific community. At the same time, presenting almost every aspect of contemporary Journalism / Science Communication, it aspires to offer a compendium of valuable courses and a short resource for tertiary students and science communicators of scientific news.