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Robotics, from the “Athena” Research Center

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The “Athena” Research Centre, a statutory partner of the European Institute of Communication, is the only Research Centre in the country oriented towards new technologies, with emphasis on the Sciences of Knowledge, Communication and Culture. In his fields of interest he has also included the robotics, aiming at the development of applications in the medical, academic and social fields, as well as in the real economy.


In this context and under the auspices of the Ministry of Development, it proceeds to the elaboration of a very ambitious plan with many extensions and the ultimate goal of developing services that are currently available only from large laboratories outside Greece.


The Ministry of Development has already announced, since December last year, the “Archimedes” programme, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms. For its needs, it has committed about 23 million euros, of which 3.6 million have been calculated exclusively for robotics.


Robotics is an emerging industry on a global scale and can provide in many fields, including medicine, industrial and agricultural production, ensuring, alongside innovation, the creation of jobs for many specialized scientists, as well as ordinary professionals. Applications in society and in the market are also unlimited.


To date, robotic services are the exclusive product of private companies and the cost is high for the public sector when it needs them. Thus, among other objectives, the State itself is intended to be able to produce such services, not only for its benefit, but also with the possibility of exporting them abroad.


The “Athena” Research Center has an extremely high level of scientific staff. With the help of funding from the Ministry of Development, the procedures for finding a suitable building, with a total area of more than 12,000 square meters, have begun in order to house the research center, which are expected to be completed immediately. In this way, it will be able to proceed with the research and implementation of new services, which will bring know-how and immediate results to society.


“Athena” R.C. was created by the late ΕΜΠ professor George Karagiannis, 32 years ago. In memory of one of the greatest scientists of Language Technologies, the European Communication Institute honors its Co-Founder by offering the “George Karagiannis Prize for Journalism and Technology”, which is awarded annually in the presence of the President of the Republic (Ceremony 2022, on May 26 at “Aigli”).