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The 3rd module of the spring semester of 2022 has been completed

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Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι επίσης διαθέσιμη σε: Ελληνικά (Greek)

The 3rd module of the Postgraduate and Parallel Program of ECI, for the spring semester of 2022, was successfully completed.


Thanks to the Electronic Platform (online attendance) the department is geographically distributed, with some of the students attending from the periphery or abroad. We often understand them by the “red eyes” because of the time difference (!). In the context of the Institute’s good practices, in How-To Lab we focused on the optimization of our electronic communication and cloud applications. It was something that started out of necessity and is now an asset for the future, as the available ways of communication and cooperation are constantly increasing and becoming audiovisual.


In the 3rd module, we had the opportunity to attend extremely thorough presentations of our teaching staff in all directions.


We elaborated cutting-edge issues related to the multidimensional techno-communication interests of the Institute, enriched with focused exercises and projects.


We proceeded to the setup of the Content Lab, with the participation of our students.


In the context of the Guest Program, we welcomed the distinguished Vice President of the Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies (HELISS), Vice Admiral ret. Mr. Vasileios Martzoukos, who presented the Theory of International Crisis Management and the Greek Institutional System.


We also hosted the head of the Center of Hellenic Studies of Harvard University, Mrs. Zoie Lafis, who addressed us and talked to us about the work and purposes of the Center.


The 4th module is expected to start dynamically, with interesting lessons, challenging exercises and distinguished guests. Always in full “synchronization” with the context and timeliness of the time, something that the Institute serves with exceptional flexibility and auspicious ears.


We would like to remind you that – through the Parallel Program – students are given the opportunity to attend the courses of all directions, through the initiative “Οnce ECI, Always ECI”. An initiative that has been commended by the ECI community and the partners.