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ECI Live Connection with ERT from Vienna – Voice of Greece

  |   Greek Campus

Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι επίσης διαθέσιμη σε: Ελληνικά (Greek)

When ERT (Producer: Vicky Tsianika) asked for an ‘on-air’ conversation with the head of ECI, two ideas were born:

  • Why not with the Students, instead of with the head?
  • Why in the studio and not live from Vienna, during our October 3-7 classes on our Campus in the beautiful Krems?

So we arranged to go on air from the hospitable Greek Radio (onVoice of Greece, its globar reach branch) in a free conversation ‘on speakerphone’ on Tuesday, October 4, at 20:00 Greece time.

The Production of the Show (Every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00 ‘Dragons and Fairies’) on one hand, and the ‘team’ on the other, which attends a part of each year’s interdisciplinary courses next to the Danube, in one of the most beautiful (and protected by Unesco) university campuses in Europe.

As a reminder DUK (now UWK) is the Founding Partner of the European Communication Institute – ECI and part of the academic program of ECI Masters is physicaly implemented every year in Vienna.