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Algorithms and Smart Tools in News Production – Open Lecture

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Journalism is changing. This is nothing new, but neither is it old. The ecosystem of news production and dissemination, over the last twenty years, has been in conditions of constant transformations, changes, redefinitions and constant adaptations. If journalism were to borrow terms from biology, it would have to invent “news metabolism”


But what is it that makes today’s changes in the journalistic environment seem even more threatening or creative than previous ones in the immediate past, which we have all watched, either from the position of professional or from the position of a regular or occasional consumer of news?


It is undoubtedly the invasion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the consequent limitation of the role of the professional journalist in the new environment of the news production process.


It is the fact that we are already in the era where, to a very large extent, it is algorithms that decide which news will be broadcasted and which will not. Is that really the case?


Is there such a serious breach in traditional gatekeeping methods during the process of transmitting/publishing/posting of the news?


Are the editor-in-chief and editor abolished and chatbots taking over in their place?


Or do we already coexist with AI apps and don’t realize it?


Are we already using artificial intelligence models in newsrooms, with even more to come, allowing for more creative journalistic work?


Or will we surrender to algorithms as defeated professionals?


What are the artificial intelligence tools we already have at our disposal to make our journalistic lives better in the newsroom or in our personal office?

How will the human editor win this battle as well?


These topics will be discussed onSaturday, July 1, at 15:00, in the context of an open online lecture on “Algorithms and ‘Smart’ Tools in News Production”, by the journalist and lecturer of ECI Mr. Kostas Kyriakopoulos, specialized in Digital Development and Management of Online Media.



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