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Institutions, Communication and European Integration PGP

Postgraduate Program (M.A.)
“Institutions, Communication and European Integration”

With the Institutional Support of the European Parliament Office in Greece



The International M.A. Postgraduate Program Institutions, Communication and European Integration is an innovative curriculum that approaches the issues of operation of the European Institutions with those of the decisive role of Communication and Technology in tandem. It examines interdisciplinary issues of Political Science, Technology, Digital Challenges and Communication – Synchronization of European Citizens, as these determine the case of European Integration. It includes studies and research on sociology, psychology and media, with teachers from the Academia and/or professional excellence and/or from European Administration executive posts. In other words, it offers, in the appropriate scientific way, a wide range of knowledge in the field of European Studies, linking academic knowledge with the professional experience of frontline executives operating in the field of institutions and public administration.


It is addressed to communicators, executives of management of all grades, executives of political parties, journalists and technocrats with a European orientation, offering skills for achieving positions of Responsibility in public and private bodies. It aims at educating technocrats and ideologues who will contribute to an upgraded Europe with augmented democracy and functional institutions at the service of the European idea and the Citizen of the 21st century. The Institute offers its students the ideal framework for familiarization with European issues as well as the opportunity for interaction – learning in an environment composed of institutions and organizations of European magnitude, with courses implemented in two European capitals, with a third module of choice in Brussels or Strasbourg.

The aim, at this critical time for the future of the European Union, is to highlight and support competent and trained executives, as an imperative of a better Europe.


The ideal candidate handles the English Language proficiently and has a first degree in a relevant social sciences / humanities direction. The involvement in actions or projects of social benefit or public service in general is taken into account. It is required to be able to function as part of a group for two consecutive years during which courses will also be implemented outside Greece. The selection is made in four phases. Eligibility is verified by sending a CV to (phase 1).


Fill out the Candidate Form.


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