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A. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism


The “Athanassios Vas. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism” was founded (1981) with the aim of promoting journalism in Greece. On April 5, 1979, the late Nassos Botsis drafted a will, bequeathing all his property —except for his residence in the State, which he left to the Greek State— to the Foundation that he designed to operate after his death.


The aims of the Foundation are:

  1. The promotion of journalism in Greece via:
    1. a) The establishment of a Centre for Journalistic Studies in Athens
    2. b) The award of grants
    3. c) The award, each year, of up to ten (10) cash prizes to Greeks of Citizenship, creators of the best in the year of journalistic successes, employees of any newspaper. magazine, radio or television and
    4. d) By awarding distinctions to those awarded by the Academy of Athens or by higher education institutions, for studies concerning journalism and the Press in general.
    5. The terms of the awarding of the prizes, their amount and the selection of the laureates are up to the free judgment of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
  2. The fulfillment of anything additional, at the discretion and decision of the Board of Directors of the Foundation of Charitable Purpose.
  3. The Board of Directors decides on the fulfilment of the above objectives of the Foundation when drawing up the annual programme of the Foundation and voting on the budget.
  4. The institution will follow a progressive social line, but will not deviate nationally from the accepted Principles of Greek Culture.


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