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Quality Journalism and New Technologies PGP

Postgraduate Program (M.A.)
“Quality Journalism and New Technologies”


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The Quality Journalism and New Technologies – Master of Arts PGP examines the parameters that optimize the function of Communication / Journalism with emphasis on the possibilities of digital technology.


The architecture of the curriculum of QJNT – M.A. allows for both the transfer and application of modern know-how to students, and the research of journalism of the future. Applying the established principles of quality print media, it explores the challenges of the New Media, aiming at the creation of executives of the field of communication, who, having theoretical and applied knowledge, are able to ‘synchronize’ with the ever-evolving field.


ECI‘s QJNT M.A. (Quality Journalism & New Technologies, Master of Arts) PGP has ISO, DOATAP equivalence and has been awarded by the independent committee that annually recommends the Awards of the A. V. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism.


The initiative for Postgraduate Studies in Journalism / Communication with a focus on New Technologies was based on the following findings:

The galloping change of the journalistic landscape in Greece, with the addition of non-state audiovisual media in the 90s and new technologies (Internet, Broadband, Convergence of Technologies, etc.), has fundamentally changed the ways of content production / communication, creating needs for a complex journalistic education and for communicators with much broader knowledge, technological literacy and conscientiousness.


In relation to the existing training of communicators in Greece (schools of Media and Journalism), QJNT M.A. focuses on applied knowledge, and utilizes / combines the academic potential of language, communication and informatics (ICT) sciences. It also incorporates language technologies, available through the resources of the constituent parts of the Synergy.


In addition to young graduates (with a first university degree of, e.g., Bachelor level) there are several executives of the Audiovisual and Communication / Journalism sector who have degrees in social sciences and want further education / a master’s degree related to their professional subject, expanding their familiarity with New Technologies.


The Master of Arts program in Quality Journalism and New Technologies is bilingual, in Greek / English. The ideal candidate possesses the formal qualifications, probably has membership of a Professional Association of Communication / Journalism, has a successful professional term or performs well in his first degree, is fluent in English and is judged positively during the relevant interview.


The program lasts 2 years (4 semesters of attendance) and a diploma thesis, while a physical presence is required both at DUK’s premises, in Krems, Vienna and at the educational meetings (studios, workshops) in Athens. Between courses the students undertake exercises / applied assignments that they perform with the assistance of the services and laboratories of the European Institute of Communication.


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