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PGP in Content Management and Communication Strategy


PGP in Content Management and Communication Strategy

Master of Arts (90 ECTS)


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The Master of Arts Postgraduate Program “Content Management and Communication Strategy” focuses on the cycle of content creation, management and promotion, with emphasis on the Communication market. It equips its graduates with the necessary skills for a career in the demanding field of the digital market, having multiple targeting in the fields of writing, formatting, and dissemination of content, with full use of technology and leadership – management principles.


  • Two-year course of study
  • Courses on two campuses (Athens – Vienna)
  • Bilingual education program
  • Fine-tuned to the modern requirements of corporate communication


Digital content has now been established as the most important and widespread form of corporate communication. The world of digital media is constantly evolving and changing, along with users’ digital habits.


In this constantly changing field, the students of the program adapt to the pace of developments, guided by teaching academics, experts in the field and distinguished executives of the market who are well aware of the existing requirements and the rapid pace of evolution of the landscape.


It is offered by the European Communication Institute – ECI Synergy.


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