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Psychology and Social Networks PGP

Postgraduate Program (M.A.)
“Psychology and Social Networks” (PSSN)

Psychology is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary subject of Studies and Research, interconnecting many different fields of knowledge, theories, methods, techniques and skills.

“Psychology and Social Networks”, Master of Arts PGP is based on the ‘transcription’ of innovative approaches to the Science of Nature and on the heterogeneous territory of the Human Sciences. The revolutionary approaches of Complexity, Chaos, Social Networks and the Social Web (Web Science), in particular, shed valuable analytical light on what we call Social Behavior, a central concept that, in recent decades, begins to be understood in depth through the systematic scientific study of the Laws of Nature, as well as through the research methodology of the exact sciences.

These developments create the need for Social Scientists with multiple inter-disciplined skills and specialized knowledge, equipped with new tools and new theories / techniques.

The MSc in Psychology & Social Networks

combines in an original and meaningful way the modern science of Psychology with cutting-edge approaches, such as theories of media and social dynamics, potential worlds and social simulations, digital communication and social networks, nonlinear evolving systems, complexity and chaos. These approaches tend to overcome the established academic distinction between clinical and social/organizational psychology.

In the above context, the “new scientific paradigm” is presented, as well as the new theoretical, methodological and practical models and findings on individual and collective behavior, potential and augmented reality, emotions and decision-making processes, social and cultural networks, identities and conflicts, the Internet and human nature with emphasis on Mass Communication. The latest technological innovations and the various applications in the wide field of psychological counseling and coaching.

The ideal candidate handles the English Language proficiently and has a first degree in a relevant social sciences / humanities direction. The involvement in actions or projects of social benefit or public service in general is taken into account. It is required to be able to function as part of a group for two consecutive years during which courses will also be implemented outside Greece. The selection is made in four phases. Eligibility is verified by sending a CV to (phase 1).

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