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Parallel Program


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All ECI’s ongoing PGP directions are accessible to those interested to attend lectures, workshops and round tables, either as individual post-graduate seminars or as a specialty, possibly under evaluation and certification. This “Parallel Program” is offered in tiers:


  1. The primary beneficiaries are the ECI Alumni who can participate free of charge, as part of the life-long learning “Once ECI, always ECI” policy.
  2. Further, it is made available to the broader ECI Community (partners, associates, seminar and events’ participants, etc.), to students and professionals from the communication space and the unemployed, with privileged tuition.
  3. Subject to seats availability, the Parallel Program is also made available to the general public, with a very attractive pricing policy.
  4. Like ECI’s Post Graduate Master of Arts Programs, the Parallel Program is also offered to affiliated communication and other organizations under special, bilateral arrangements.


Interested parties are invited to fill in the form below, after having a look at the Curriculum. Courses are generally available based on a two years cycle. However, due to the dynamic nature of the Communications and Evolving Technologies (CET) subjects, both courses and the curriculum constantly evolve and may change between cycles. Before filling the form, please make sure you understand the various certification options:


    • PGCA (Post Graduate Course Attendance)

PGCA offers a Certificate of Attendance. Participants are invited to fully attend one or more courses from the ongoing Curriculum (without evaluation). In the next phase, they will be asked to choose the course(s) of their interest.

    • PGCC (Post Graduate Course Completion)

PGCC works like PGCA, but it offers a Certificate of Completion, upon successful evaluation (e.g. examinations and/or deliverables).

    • PGDC (Post Graduate Direction Completion)

PGDC works like PGCC, but it offers a Certificate of Direction Completion of all specialization courses of a Curriculum, except those of the Interdisciplinary Program.
This is a highly useful skilled continuing education certificate, also suitable for ECI students or graduates who wish to attend one or more directions, additional to their specialty.

    • PGPC (Post Graduate Program Completion)

PGDC works like PGDC, but it offers a Certificate of Program Completion of all the courses of a full PGP, including those of the interdisciplinary program.
PGPC is not a Master of Arts, as it does not include a Diploma Thesis.

    • PGLL (Post Graduate Lifelong Learner)

PGLL offers a Lifelong Learning Certification to those who have attended/completed the full non-degree multi-directional range of ECI courses. Please inquire for more information.



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