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Humanistic Communication Lab (HCL)

The Laboratory

The “HCL – Humanistic Communication Lab” was created in 2019 in order to implement research, postgraduate studies and training linking Humanitarian Literature with Communication and Knowledge and Information Technologies. Its international name is ECI / HCL – Research Laboratory of Humanistic Communication.

HCL is developed around the suggestion of Prof. Dr. George Cambourakis (2012), who found encouragement from a number of executives inside and outside ECI. The presentation addressed the existing problem of education at postgraduate level of communication executives, large companies, press and communication offices, public utility organizations, churches and public benefit bodies / foundations, but also of every citizen who wants to expand his knowledge horizons in ethics, philosophy and humanism in relation to emerging technologies.

The Laboratory curates the academic program of the PGP, as well as the relevant initiatives and projects that are consistent with the mission of the European Communication Institute.

The Laboratory collaborates for its scientific work with the Austrian Democracy Lab and with the Laboratory “Church and Culture” of the Theological School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Director of the laboratory has been appointed Archim. Aristarchos Grekas, Head of the Postgraduate Program of ECI “Humanistic Communication and New Technologies” and Assistant Professor of the Theological School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Main Subjct – Aims

  • The familiarization of students with the understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Especially how Artificial Intelligence has evolved to date
  • What are the applications of AI?
  • How is the term human-centric AI understood?
  • Analysis of approaches to human-centered AI ethics
  • The value of applying an ethical code of ethics
  • The investigation and understanding of ethical codes of ethics in relation to human values and human rights
  • The analysis of the relationship between AI and governance
  • Understanding the correlation between AI and humanitarian communication

Research of new emerging challenges at a global level in culture, religion, climate change, violence, understanding of human rights, new technologies, combined with humanitarian communication.

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