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Akis Tatsis



Head of Euronews Greek Service since 2022. He started his collaboration with the European television network in 2012, when the Greek service was created, based in Athens, and he is also Editor of the Day since 2017.


He has been working as a journalist since 1993, starting from Radio Thessaloniki, initially as a freelance reporter and then as an in-house editor, writing news bulletins.


Since then he has worked at Omega Television Thessaloniki as an editor and presenter of news bulletins, at Radio Macedonia as a reporter, at the newspaper North of Thessaloniki as a cultural editor, at ERT 3 as a reporter at the show for Greeks abroad, Nostos.


In 1997 he joined the staff of the newspapers Macedonia – Thessaloniki, during their republication. Initially he worked as an editor of the educational reportage. He then became head of the youth department of the newspaper Thessaloniki. After completing his military service, he became editor-in-chief of the group’s freelance reporting department.


At the same time he worked as editor-in-chief, presenter and producer at radio A-103 of the Macedonia-Thessaloniki group. He presented the central noon news magazine and information show on weekends.


In 2005 he worked as news director at Delta Television of Thrace. He presented the main news bulletin and weekly news shows.


At the same time he was correspondent of the newspaper Aggelioforos in Thrace.


In 2007 he switched to ThraceNet Television, with the same responsibilities.


At the same time he was doing radio in Thrace.


In 2009 he started his collaboration with Dion Television of Central Macedonia. He had the duties of news director, presenting the main news bulletin as well as news shows.

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