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George Bolanis


Having studied Civil and Transportation Engineering, he soon ‘diverted’ his academic career towards Communication, which he ‘exercised’ on behalf direction of IBM Greece in the ’90s. At the same time, he was also involved in direct marketing, gradually specializing the subject with Targeting Technologies, with the then generic techno-communication tools.


After a successful tenure in organizations such as the National Bank of Greece, he had the honor to implement the National Audiovisual Archive of Greece, from the position of Chairman of the Board, always with the logic of added value both in Culture and Society, as well as in the direct provision of services to citizens and organizations, via the Internet.


Today he is in charge of New Media Concept, developing Web Monitoring services and products in collaboration with the international company Brandwatch, and contributes in various ways to ECI by providing knowledge, scholarships, drafting, etc.

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