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Citizen Literacy – Open Courses by ECI

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ECI opens its Electronic Doors wide to students, graduates of social studies, communication professionals / technologists, but also to every fellow citizen who wants a better understanding of the mechanisms that affect everyday life, offering a series of courses completely free of charge, with a certificate of studies, as part of the Citizen Literacy Initiative.


The initiative (ECI – 2017) is a continuation of actions that were implemented in person, before the pandemic and will take place in spring 2023, through the Zoom platform, targeting the wider public.


Citizen Literacy is co-organized with the European Parliament office in Greece.

The current cycle, which has the support of the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the the Athan. V. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism and the Opinion Post Group, consists of 5 three-hour meetings per course, in an equal number of months. Participants are encouraged to have an active presence, with an open camera / microphone and to participate with Q&As at small round tables – a result of the presentations.


Citizen Literacy is a term and ‘meaning’ that has been developed within the ECI and refers to the need for education / training of citizens on issues – skills that directly affect their choices, emphasizing their co-responsibility for the quality of everyday life and, through it, of the Republic itself. Galloping communication and cultural technology has a prominent role in this literacy.


The spring cycle starts on the weekend of March 4 and 5 with four ‘open’ interdisciplinary courses of ECI which are also part of its PGPs.


To attend, please fill in the form below. Registrants will receive the links, descriptions as well as instructions for successful and enjoyable attendance.


It is noted that, in addition to the training, participants enjoy additional privileges, such as the possibility of participating in the ‘Parallel Program’ of ECI that offers Certificates of Study (successful attendance) at no cost, etc.


As part of the ECI courses take place on the Vienna Campus, ECI is committed to publish, during the summer, the subsidized cost (travel) for the courses that will open in Fall 2023 that will be offered on special terms (zero tuition fees) to the graduates of the Citizen Literacy initiative, as long as they participate in the optional assessment.

Below are the Spring 2023 Modules (language: Greek / Optional assessment: Greek, English; for the purpose of issuing a certificate of studies, an electronic attendance register is kept).

For those who missed the cycle that began March 4, the videos of the first meetings will be made available for the participant’s interest section.

  • Socionomics of Artificial Intelligence – Charalambos Tsekeris (Saturday 18 March 10:00)
  • Distinguished Guest Program – 1st – Vicky Flessa (Saturday 18 March 16:00)
  • European Institutions – George Archontas (Saturday 8 April 10:00)
  • Political Communication and European Applied Politics – Spyros Capralos (Saturday 8 April 15:00)
  • Professional Communication Skills in the Digital Era I – Nikos Kopsidas (Saturday 1 April 10:00)
  • Intercultural Dialog and Public Diplomacy – Dionysis (Denis) Daniilidis (Saturday 1 April 15:00)
  • Disinformation and European Union Policy – Klimantini Diakomanoli (Sunday 2 April 10:00)
  • Cultural Policy Management and Media – Dimitris Papacharalambous (Sunday 2 April 15:00)

Those interested should fill in the form below in order to receive information and specialize their attention in individual sections. There will be a priority order due to the allowed limit of participants.


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