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Commencement – ECI Development

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With emotion, enthusiasm and important announcements, the Special Festive Event organized by Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Ath. the Athan. V. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Botsi with its academic arm European Institute of Communication, in collaboration with the Institute’s institutional partner, the Association of Journalists and Owners of Periodical Press (EDIPT).

The event, hosted at EDIPT’s banquet hall, honored the new distinguished Master of Arts graduates and announced the new institutional collaborations of the organizers, in view of the changes in higher education.

The event was welcomed and coordinated by the Secretary General of EDIPT Mr. Κωνσταντίνος Σπύρου, while Professor ECINKUA, Archim. Dr. Aristarchos Grekas He addressed to the attendees a wish for the festive days.

This was followed by greetings from the President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Ath. the Athan. V. Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Botsi Mr. Panagiotis Karagianni, the Head of ECI Mr. Mario Notta and the President of EDIPT Mrs. Penny Kalyva, who referred to the next day in university education, the connection between society, academy and market, as well as the intention to take advantage of the possibilities that the new law will give.

The event was honored, on behalf of the Prime Minister, by Government Spokesman Pavlos Marinakis, who, in his address, stressed the high importance of such partnerships in view of the changes in higher education in our country and submitted the government’s support to the new Synergy.

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Dora Avgeri and PASOK-KINAL spokesperson also addressed greetings and supportive statements Mr. Thanasis Glavinas. Finally, the Secretary General for Communication and Information also took the floor Dr. Dimitris Galamatis.

The keynote speaker of the event was MP and former Minister Dr. Theodoros Roussopoulos. Both during his speech and at other points of the event, Mr. Dr. Rousopoulos received reports from those present for his noble and statutory contribution to the country’s communication affairs.

In the second part, the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, Professor Dr. Nikolaos Iriotis announced the conclusion of a Cooperation Protocol between the European Institute of Communication and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, while the conclusion of an Institutional Cooperation between the Institute and the Association of Journalists of Owners of Periodical Press was announced. The Professor of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Dr. Nikos Demertzis was invited to the podium to highlight the development of new technology and communication programs, based on the cooperation between the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the ECI.

The actor and professor of Dramatic Art Mr. Paris Katsivelos closed this section with a performance, based on Nikiforos Vrettakos’ poem “Love”.

In the third part of this special festive evening, the newspaperEPIROTIKON MELLON’ was honored for its 90th anniversary, with a special commendation, attributed to Mrs. Eleni Athan. Gogonis, columnist and consultant of the newspaper.

The historical executives of the Foundation, Mr. Costas Katis (vice-president) and Mr. Dimitris Zannidis (former director), gained everyone’s attention with their pertinent interventions, especially in relation to the change of attitude and ethos required in the new digital ages in Information.

The highlight of the evening was of course about the students. Speaking on their behalf was Mr. Ioannis Zevgolis, author and student of the Master’s Program Quality Journalism and New Technologies of ECI

This was followed by the award of degrees to the distinguished young ‘Master of Arts’, who make up a team with many distinctions in society, governance and the market. With widespread joy, they received their diplomas through individual surgery by the officials present, in the presence of their relatives and friends, in a festive and touching atmosphere.

The festive event, which was honored with the presence of professors of the Institute, old and new students, featured videos from the Institute’s activities, as well as videos from students’ visits to UWK/Donau Universitat Krems in 2022 and 2023, curated by the graduate of the Master Program Quality Journalism and New Technologies. Mr. Evangelos Eleftheriou.

The music was chosen by the graduate of the Institute and member of ERT Mrs. Eva Tsaropoulou, while the technical supervision was done by Mr. George Triantafyllou.

The event was supported by the Direction Business Network and attended and later awarded a degree by its president Mr. Evangelos Papalios.

A reception followed, where distinguished guests, professors, old and new students had the opportunity to talk about their experiences and their professional future. In it, the amphitryons (EDIPT, Botsis Foundation, ECI) had the opportunity to exchange wishes with the distinguished guests.


Among them we distinguished Mr. Georgios Stylios, Member of Parliament and former Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Mrs. Christiana Kalogirou, Advisor to the Presidency of the Government, Mr. Panos Sobolos, former President of ESIEA, Mrs. Saia Tsaousidou, President of the Union of European Journalists, Mr. George Kourasis, member of the Board of Directors of the Botsis Foundation, Mr. Yiannis Aperghis, Director of the Botsis Foundation, the former President of EDIPT Mr. Kostas Kalyvas, the member of the Board of Directors of EDIPT Mr. Michalis Savvakis, Mr. Vasilis Martzoukos, vice president of ELISME, Mr. George Psathas, president of Athens Calls Athens, Mrs. Vicky Tsianika of ERT, Mr. Papacharalambous of EKOME, as well as distinguished executives of ECI, such as Mr. Spyros Capralos, Mr. Panagiotis Aposporis, Mr. George Archontas, Mr. George Bolanis and others.

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