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Institutional Cooperation between NKUA and ECI

  |   Greek Campus

The wishes of the country’s Political Personnel were received by the Institute during the special presentation of the institutional cooperation between the European Institute of Communication and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.


The collaboration was presented as part of the 2023 Degree Award, at a special ceremony at the Association of Journalists and Owners of Periodical Press – also an institutional partner of the Institute.


The Minister and Government Spokesman Pavlos Marinakis reported:


“I have the honor to represent the Prime Minister at the special festive event co-organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Ath. B. Botsis, the Association of Journalists of Owners of Periodical Press and the European Institute of Communication.

I would like to congratulate for their work these great public interest bodies, who have given their credentials over the years, as well as the graduates of the Master of Arts whom we have the pleasure to honor.

These three institutions have contributed to the provision of higher education in the fields of communication and technology for 20 years. It is particularly important that this work continues to move forward, especially now that technology is rampant and an integral part of our lives.

This group, with the signing of a Special Cooperation Protocol, includes the largest University in the country, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Such partnerships are what highlight the need for further cooperation between the private and public sectors and make clear the need for strong non-state universities to assist the Public University”.


The representatives of the opposition parties also moved in the same strong encouraging atmosphere, while the spokesperson of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Ms. Dora Avgeri took the floor for SYRIZA and for PASOK-KINAL, the spokesperson Mr. Thanasis Glavinas, expressing their wishes for the success of the Institute’s multifaceted mission, which combines universities and institutions from Greece and Austria, treating Communication and Technology sciences. The Secretary General for Communication Dr. Dr. Dimitrios Galamatis also took the floor to congratulate ECI and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens for their cooperation and to honor the graduates of the Institute with awards.


The President of the Council of Europe, Dr. Theodoros Rousopoulos, was the Outstanding Speaker of the evening and moved the attendees with some of the personal references to his tenure in public life, but also in the media.


Many personalities from Politics, Letters, Arts and the Academy were present, while the inspiring speeches of both Professor (NKUA – Media) Dr. Nikolas Demertzis and the restless Professor and Dean of the School of Political and Economic Sciences of NKUA, Dr. Nikolaos Iriotis, stood out.


The Institute, with a sense of upgraded responsibility brought about by the trust of its authoritative partners, is soon entering its second 20 years of operation, committing to continue combining prestigious studies focusing on People.


At the same time, it remains constantly alert to the rapid technological developments that are redefining European societies, while it has already taken an initiative to develop the use of AI technologies that support democracy, addressed to the European Parliament.


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