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Candidates – Terms – Tuition

Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι επίσης διαθέσιμη σε: Ελληνικά (Greek)


ECI’s PGPs (Postgraduate Programmes) are part-time, designed to allow for parallel work. In most cases, if our students are not already employed, they get offers by affiliated bodies during their studies. Although more than 500 hours of mandatory attendance are required (in addition to individual and group assignments), this is achieved with three days per month attendance, from Friday to Sunday, 9:30 to 17:30. The periods in Vienna last a full week (each). The program lasts two full years with breaks during the months of July and August.


ECI’s PGPs (Postgraduate Programs) are addressed to bilingual (Greek – English) graduates of Greek and foreign Universities and to executives who have broader professional experience in the field of Communication / Technology / tangential areas, with career or academic interest in the fields of Journalism, Content, Professional or Humanistic Communication, European Studies, Psychology & New Media and New Technologies.

Tuition fees

The cost of studies amounts to 9,150 euros.

The amount is usually paid in advance, but can be paid in instalments, upon timely request.

Pandemic Update (2021-22)

Upon request (you may be asked for supporting information), there are Special Conditions for reduced tuition fees. You can apply for reduced tuition fees, based on financial criteria. Supporting data such as E1 or Tax Clearance certificate will be requested.

Other Pandemic aids without documentation of financial data

A number of preferential tuition fees repayment terms will be awarded on the basis of excellence:

On this basis, the payment terms are as follows:

      1. Exemption from the first instalment of EUR 2000
      2. Upon acceptance of the student, payment of the Registration Fee (450€) only
      3. 18 installments for repayment
      4. First installment at the start of the PGP


Under certain conditions and with the relevant documentation of financial weakness, you can apply to be included in the nominations of the scholarships available from time to time.

You must meet specific criteria that you will be asked for (E1 and/or other supporting public documents). These scholarships (or grants) usually amount up to 50% of the 9150€ cost of studies and applications must be submitted at least 5 months before the start of the course.

Due to the big interest in financial support:

  • We request candidates to exercise discrimination and empathy, as a potenitally misguided request can deprive the aid of someone who really needs it
  • We would like to inform you that, in case of self-financing, the process of evaluating the candidacy is shorter and the chances are greater, as the process unfolds earlier and while there are still available positions

Admission Requirements and Applications

The application process is sequential.

To be considered as a candidate, you must send your CV (phase 1).

In case your CV meets the requested candidate profile, you will be sent forms and further instructions.

Selection Process

Phase 01

Candidates of the new academic period 2020-2022 must:

    1. Submit their data via the candidate form
    2. Email a CV to

Phase 02

If they are preselected, they are sent the official candidate package (Application, Letter of Intent, Financial Information, Syllabus —where applicable).

Phase 03

Successful phase 02 nominees are invited for an interview.

Phase 04

Successful phase 03 nominations provide the rest of the documentation – support for their candidacy (letters of recommendation & official documents).

Please note that documentation of the university degree may be requested with the Hague Apostil.

Fill out the Candidate Form.