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Humanistic Communication and New Technologies PGP

Postgraduate Program (M.A.)
“Humanistic Communication and New Technologies”



“HUMANISTIC COMMUNICATION”, in relation to the other fields of Communication Science, is an applied, broad and interdisciplinary approach to common social needs.


Based on the concepts of “Man-Humanism”, it connects the need for Coexistence with applied political science and communication within the framework of Worldviews, Ideologies and –most importantly– in terms of human rights.


In the everyday life of modern democracies, operating under conditions of Social and Economic Culture, the need to staff state agencies, organizations, NGOs, but also medium and large companies emerges, as part of their obligations, defined as (Corporate) “Social Responsibility”.


These organizations seek studies or special advisors with knowledge that combine technologically literate practice with the theory and practice of Doing Business in an environment of Humanistic and Social Responsibility that, in the long run, benefits not only society, but also the mission of the Organization, Institution or Company itself.


The EUROPEAN COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE draws knowledge and experience from all its teaching subjects and from the uniqueness of its identity (distinguished constituent bodies) in order to create a new Field of Knowledge, on postgraduate level.


“HUMANITARIAN COMMUNICATION” is found adjacent to most of the types of Communication as well as with Humanitarian Journalism. Language technologies, networks, content sciences and the valuable Greek Humanistic Literature constitute and define this Postgraduate Program (PGP).


Attendance and acquisition of the first and only internationally “HUMANISTIC COMMUNICATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES” Postgraduate Degree is addressed to holders of degrees in Humanities and Social Studies, as well as to Technologists with an interest in self-improvement, training and expansion of studies that include Communication and Humanism. The starting point is Ithaca of Homer’s time and the destination is the e-thaca of New Technologies.


The ideal candidate handles the English Language proficiently and has a graduate degree in a relevant social sciences / humanities direction. The involvement in actions or projects of social benefit or public service in general is taken into account. She/he is required to be able to function as part of a group for two consecutive years during which courses will also be given outside Greece. The selection is made in four phases. Eligibility is verified by sending a CV to (phase 1).


Fill out the Candidate Form.


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