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Drone Journalism Laboratory (DJL)

The Laboratory

The use of drones is becoming increasingly popular in the media industry, while every day we see multiple examples of their use for journalistic and informational purposes. Although the idea of exploiting Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV) to collect information, information and long-range images has multiple advantages, in a number of applications, their use continues to be controversial, with society being skeptical mainly about security and privacy issues.

In 2018 the European Communication Institute (ECI) created the “Drone Journalism Lab” (DJL – Drone Journalism Lab) with the aim of researching, studying and providing teaching work on UAV technologies and the applications and opportunities they offer in modern journalism and communication. The “Drone Journalism Laboratory” is the only laboratory in Greece and Europe that aims at the specialized interdisciplinary study and research of the utilization of the technological capabilities of UAV in Journalism. It is supported by scientific and research staff belonging to multiple sciences and professional specializations in order to approach the subject from different perspectives providing a comprehensive knowledge background.


The mission of the Drone Journalism Laboratory is summarized in the following main axes:

  1. Conduct basic and applied scientific research on UAV technologies related to their exploitation in journalism and communication.
  2. Cooperation with national and international bodies (public, private, academic and research) in the specific scientific field.
  3. Provision of educational work within the framework of the activities and collaborations of the European Institute of Communication.
  4. Organization of information activities (workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures, events, etc.).
  5. Design and development of supervisory and educational material (articles, manuals, instructions, books, etc.)

Drone Communication Seminar

The “Drone Journalism Lab” of the European Institute of Communication (ECI) organizes the first “Drone Communication Seminar” at the University Campus of Zografou. The Seminar is addressed to journalists, people of information and communication as well as executives of news networks and organizations dealing with the use of new technologies in modern journalism and is scheduled to take place on days and hours that will be announced in time. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the European Communication Institute (ECI) as well as a Special Discount Voucher (voucher) for certified training and obtaining a Drone Pilot License from the HCAA.

Information on the conditions of participation, the program, the participation fee as well as the detailed discounts for the certified training and obtaining of a Drone Pilot License by the HCAA will be announced in time.


On June 7, 2019, the 1st “Drone Journalism Workshop” on “Drone Technology is Transforming Journalism” was held with great success. Co-organizers were the European Parliament Office in Greece, ERT and the Athens News Agency – Macedonian News Agency while the Conference had the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece. The workshop was attended by journalists, information & communication professionals and citizens who were informed about the possibilities, challenges and opportunities provided by the use of drones in information and journalism.


Director: Panagiotis Aposporis, MScCS, CPL, UAV-C, PRINCE2, PhD (c)

Address: NTUA, School of ECE, Laboratory of Communication and Media Technology, Iroon Polytechniou 9, 15780 Zografou.,

Tel.: +30 210 – 7721758 & 7724322


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