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Commencement of New Teaching Period at ECI

  |   Greek Campus

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On March 3rd, the new academic year begins at the European Communication Institute (Synergy of Public European Bodies based in Vienna).


With a team of distinguished teachers, based on their great academic experience, but mainly on their continuous contribution to scientific events and their ongoing achievements in the professional axes that have been distinguished, the European Communication Institute proceeds to the integration of new teaching modules, part of its innovative Teaching Program.


In its seventeen-year course in Education, the European Communication Institute (ECI) has awarded more than 140 postgraduate degrees, under the common theme “Communication & Emerging Technologies”.

The Focus directions of ECI are:



The above 6th direction (Master of Arts – Geopolitics Communication and New Technologies) is offered in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute for Strategic Studies and complements the Thematic Communication and Emerging Technologies, which ECI implements as a strategic study objective.


Respectively, the 3rd direction (Master of Arts – Institutions Communication and European Integration) has the Institutional Support for the European Parliament Office in Greece, to fulfill the mission of the Institute which is the improved Communication of the European North – South, at the level of citizens, through Postgraduate Studies / Research and Initiatives that promote European Integration.


The courses are attended in the framework of a specially designed program for professionals, with part-time hybrid attendance, remote and physical meetings, in Athens and Vienna.


Two courses during the bilingual PGP are implemented on the campus of the Austrian State University Universität für Weiterbildung Krems – UWK, (formerly Donau Universität Krems – DUK), which is a statutory Pillar of the ECI.


As part of its mission and in response to pressing social problems, ECI has created a special module of knowledge and educational initiatives, focusing on CitizenLiteracy – term coined by ECI.


Also,in the past two years, ECI (European Communication Institute) has established the Parallel Program, opening its Knowledge and Directions to those interested in attending lectures, workshops and round tables, either as a simple education, or as part of a structured continuing education program, for which a certificate of studies and/or (in case of participation in the examination period) certification.


Finally, looking to the future, but also due to the special conditions in a period of economic recovery in Greece, the European Communication Institute offers Special financial aids in the form of scholarships, as well as ways to support the weakest financially, including payment by instalments, Work Your Master, with the sponsorship / support of the Communication Market, and partial funding, through aids – scholarships given by the collaborating pillars of the ECI (Athanasios Vas. Botsi Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism, ‘Athena’ Research Center & Universität für Weiterbildung Krems – UWK).

The aim is to enable more and more capable trainees with a career in progress and with the result of the creation of power networks, with high cohesion and new opportunities for advancement.


The aim of the European Institute of Communication is to serve the need to provide excellent education, “integrated” scientists, useful in a world that is constantly evolving.


New candidates are invited to express their interest by sending their CV (phase 1 of 4) to the address , along with the direction of their choice, and must also fill in the Registration Form.