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Social Media Dynamics in Politics by Vassilis Gutmacher, at ECI

  |   Greek Campus


On Saturday, October 21, 2023, at 10:00 , the distinguished guest of the European Institute of Communication, Mr. Vassilis-Frank Gutmacher, Strategy & Communication Consultant – Clinical Psychologist M.Sc, talks to us about Political Communication and the power of Social Media in today’s Politics.


In modern times, technology is decisive for politics and -by extension- for everyone’s everyday life. Technology also helps citizens to be informed more quickly. So we are seeing more and more of our fellow citizens engaging in tele-active participation in politics, but is that right?


Many researchers believe that political communication is now synonymous with the mass media, but also with social media. Traditionally, mass media have been tools of active citizenship. New media, such as social media, with the ease of “one click”, completed the landscape. A “click” is now enough to get the information into millions of homes, around the world and -if we wish- targeted to the audience we are interested in.


In this meeting we will discuss Principles of Political Communication, Media Dynamics and how Experts use them to maximize the benefits they offer to contemporary political extroversion.


Vassilis Frank Gutmacher studied Psychology at the University of Wales, has completed a Master’s degree in Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Lancashire and postgraduate seminars in Political Communication, Marketing and Public Relations.


He worked in large multinational companies, in positions of Communication & Personnel Management. At the same time, he has practiced the profession of Psychologist as an external collaborator in clinics and higher education.


Since 2016, he has created the still active Public Relations and Communication Company SOUL.


Since 2019, he has been actively involved in the field of Political Communication as Deputy Secretary for Social Solidarity & Human Rights of New Democracy, with parallel responsibility as a policy Communication Consultant for executives, among which, the Minister of Labor and Social Security Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.


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