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Courses in Vienna for ECI Students

  |   Greek Campus


In the week from November 27 to December 1, 2023, it will take place in person at the University Universität für Weiterbildung Krems – UWK (formerly Donau Universität Krems – DUK), which is a statutory pillar of the ECI in Austria, the English-speaking superintensive Module 7 for the CET4 series of ECI Master Programmes in Communication and Technology (Directions in Quality Journalism & European Integration).



The interdisciplinary courses that postgraduate students at the Krems Campus and the online guests will attend focus on the following topics (in brackets the duration of each one in teaching hours):

  • Information Design (8h)
  • Business Improvisation (16h)
  • System Analysis Using Causal Loop Diagrams (8h)
  • Management and Self-Management (8h)

The courses will be recorded and made available asynchronously to the ECI Parallel Program and, upon request, to those enrolled in ECI Institute’s Citizen Literacy initiative.


On the non-academic side, the program is also rich.


Member of the ‘team’ is the newly elected mayor of the Heroic City of Naoussa Mr. Nikos Koutsoyiannis and Mr. Valantis (Chrysovalantis) Liolios, journalist, member of ESIEMTH, graduate of E.C.I.

The close cooperation of ECI with the Municipality, the joint development plans for education -and not only- in Northern Greece and the initiatives to date for the twinning of the Municipality of Naoussa with the Municipality of Krems, as cities with a rich industrial history and important, quality winery, are recalled.


In the social part, as always, students will enjoy the Danubian campus of Krems consisting of the classical wing, the state-of-the-art bioclimatic new wing and the brand new Faculty of Medicine, in collaboration with the University of Vienna and the Austrian Capital Region.


Another opportunity is a weekend in Christmas Vienna: Entertainment and the creation of strong networks are a side benefit of ECI’s courses outside Greece, being yet another innovation of the European Institute of Communication.

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