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Δρ. Γιώργος Καμπουράκης


Dr Eng. Prof George Cambourakis is a member of the five-member senate of European Communication Institute.  A senior member of Electric and Computer Engineering Faculty  in National Technical University of Athens as well as administrator of the Communication, Acoustics and Mass Media Technology Lab. He and mag. Mario Nottas are the Initiators of the innovative project for Consultive Direct Democracy, labeled as “Perikles Network”. Chief Editor of greek  magazines “SOUND & Hi-Fi” , “VISUAL WORLD”, “MUSICAL WORLD”, “TRAVELING” and journalist.


He has studied Mise-En-Scene in West End theatre in London and Theatre under Peter Brooks. Also worked in Production in major Tv studios in UK. George Cambourakis is a visiting prof. in British American and Danish Universities. An afficionado painter in Digital Art (http://gcamb.gr) with more than 600 works. He teaches “Physical Communication”, “Big Data journalism”, “Attention Economics” in ECI since 2007.