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  1. Performance Indicators of Higher Education Learning and Teaching in Context: Governance, Quality Management, Learning Theories and Policy
  2. Learning and Innovation Spaces for Continuing Education
    The aim of the project is to investigate the influence of the design of multidimensional learning and innovation spaces on the success of continuing education in the context of current social and technological developments. This is done by integrating the scientific expertise of various disciplines in a transdisciplinary process, using experiential case encounter and involving all relevant stakeholders.
  3. Basic research on electronic component-production of the future
    The latest mobile phones 5G generation shall also benefit from the following research cooperation: the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an Austrian specialist for atomic force and scanning electron microscopy are expected to carry out basic research in the production of new, miniaturized components. Miniaturization alters the physical properties of the thin films in the components. The Department of Integrated Sensor Systems is developing new methods to detect these deviations and thus ensure production quality.
  4. Creative work, innovation and digitalization relevant in law
    Creative, artistic and innovative achievements are the basic layers of a culture and knowledge oriented society. The effective protection by the legal system is both significant and challenging in the age of digitalization and networking. Prof. Clemens Appl heads the recently founded Center for Intellectual Property, Media and Innovation Law, which addresses intellectual property law and complementary fields of law against the backdrop of requirements constantly changing. Interlinking foundation and application the Center focuses on legal research, extending specialized continuing education programs, and various outreach activities to support legal policy discourse with scientifically sound foundations.
  5. Project “Emergency Case Dementia” (Einsatz Demenz) receives eAward
    The eAward 2019 was presented in Vienna on 31 January 2019. Out of seven categories innovative IT projects were awarded. The cooperation project of Danube University Krems with the “MAS Alzheimerhilfe” and the “Sicherheitsakademie (SIAK)” received an eAward for interactive online training in which police officers acquire competences in dealing with dementia.
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  7. Research Summit: What advances research towards excellence?
    Danube University Krems’ second event of the Research Summit Series lays the focus on medical research excellence. On 14 February 2019 University Prof Dr Hans Lassmann and University Prof Dr Jürg Kesselring will shed light on the Austrian research landscape while discussing what makes research rated as excellent and useful. Afterwards, Prof Harald Ott, M.D., will give insights into the excellence application, in particular on new methods regarding organ regeneration.
  8. Stroke risk rises globally by 25 percent
    The data published in the Global Burden of Disease Study shows an increase in the global risk of stroke in 2016. 24.9 percent of men and 25.1 percent of women are at risk of stroke. In the 1990s, the risk of stroke was 22.9 percent. In order to lower the stroke risk, better information about the risk factors and the expansion of medical care stations is necessary, according to co-author Michael Brainin of Danube University Krems.