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Our Campus City in an ECI Documentary bridging Krems to Naoussa

  |   Ελληνικό Campus, Μη κατηγοριοποιημένο, Πρωτοβουλίες
On 8 and 9 December 2018, the premiere of the documentary ‘So far, so close“, featuring the common characteristics between the Greek town of Naousa, of Imathia and the one of Krems, Austria, took place at the premises of the cultural centre of Naousa, ”Christos Lanaras”.
The film is part of the dissertation/thesis of the journalist and post- graduate student of the Master of Arts Programme, ”Quality Journalism and New Technologies”, Valantis Liolios, aiming  to compare and explore the cultural bonds that link the two towns, giving emphasis on their wine events, the so called “Kazania” from the Greek part and the “Heurigens” from the Austrian part. Secondly, to underline the cultural heritage of Krems and its transformation of the old tobacco factory to a role model public University, looking for ways similar sized cities could benefit from similar initiatives.
Many exceptional guests from the Austrian community and the Municipality / University of Krems attended the event, such as the Consul of Austria, mrs. Evelyn Papadopoulos, the member of the Council and president of the Krems Association of Wineries, Mr Martin Sedelmaier, the member of the Senate of DUK University. mag. Kay Mühlmann and the Director of the European Communication Institute mag. Mario Nottas.
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